to a business opportunity

that is free to join



Who Are Excited About Making A Change

By Introducing Their Community To A Truly Unique Product

Total Flexibility

Operate this business in your spare time, part time or full time – you decide. Take control of your future as we share with you a business that has huge growth potential and has the potential to achieve truly amazing results.

Financial Rewards

You will receive a proven business model that has attracted hundreds of customers over the years. This business can be operated from home and provides you with an opportunity to gain a sense of achievement like no other.

Free To Join

The big point of difference for this business opportunity is that it is FREE to join. This is not a gimmick or clever marketing ploy all we ask is that you experience the product first so you gain a greater understanding of how it works before promoting it to others.


To a business opportunity that is FREE to join.

Our experts have over 13 years worth of experience in assisting individuals achieve financial freedom and they now want to help you by introducing to you a business opportunity that for the right person is quite simply the perfect opportunity for taking control of your life and achieving something you can be proud of.

If you are looking for an opportunity with uncapped earning potential… an opportunity that can be operated from home, around your family and allows you to work when you want and achieve a better work life balance then…

…congratulations, you have just found it.

Here at Equitimax we are currently looking for positive, ambitious individuals who are excited about the idea of making a change and introducing to their community this truly unique product.

We are pretty confident in saying that from our search we couldn’t find any other business opportunity like this currently available meaning the chances are that once your community see what Equitimax is offering they are likely to thank you time and time again for being the person who introduced this truly unique product to them. If you like the idea of gaining a sense of achievement like no other, being responsible for introducing a product that the right people will potentially love, then we urge you to sit back and enjoy finding out about this truly remarkable business opportunity.

By browsing the website you will get a feel of what Equitimax is all about. If what you see appeals to you then Join For Free or should you have any question use the contact forms or call us on 0800 612 7367.

So, if you want to:

– Be your own boss

– Work from home

– Potentially achieve truly amazing results and a remuneration for your efforts

– Run your very own business that you be proud of

– Do something that could change your life forever

Then the one question you probably want to know the answer to right now is… How Does It Work?


  1. Join For Free Here
  2. Experience the financial product we offer for yourself
  3. Once you are satisfied with the product and we are satisfied you fully understand how it works you can start promoting it to your local community
  4. Use the sales and marketing material we provide you with to attract more clients and build your business
  5. Receive a potential remuneration based on how many clients you sign up and the performance of the financial product
  6. This opportunity provides you with an opportunity to potentially receive a monthly residual remuneration from the clients you sign up
  7. For each new client you sign up the potential monthly remuneration increases


  • When running a business one of the key factors is what you can potentially earn. To find out what you can potentially earn from this business opportunity go here.

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